Making manual reconciliation a thing of the past.

Save time and gain insights into all of your financial data, with automated reconciliation, report generation and forecasts.

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We are about to run a closed Beta for PolyBox, allowing you to make use of our automated reconciliations. If you would like to participate, please regsiter through the relevant form.



We have a limited number of free places available for self employed individuals and freelancers.



We have a limited number tech supported Business places. Prices are based on number of monthly reconciliations and support.

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How does it work?


Import your receipts straight into PolyBox

Reconciliation complete inside PolyBox, by importing all of your Digital and Paper receipts.


Sync reconciliation into your current software

We sync directly with all major Accounting Software, so you can import your reconciliation report, already complete.


Powerful Reports driven by Machine Learning

The more you use PolyBox the more it learns about your financial data. This allows us to create really insightful reports that are powerful tools to analyse your financial data and create future predictions.

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